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Special Flooring Products


Floorcrete slip resistance coatings come in different finishes from medium to heavy, and are installed according to your specific needs. Areas that have wet or slick floors are required to have slip resistant epoxy coatings. Our flooring solutions provide a high measure of protection against dangerous conditions.

Extra heavy duty

High traffic areas require a more impact and abrasion resistance coatings. Choosing the right product applied at a right thickness increase durability that will last significantly longer than other flooring systems under the same conditions.

Moisture Vapour Control

There are two sources of moisture that influence the level within a concrete substrate. Free-water that is not consumed in the process of cement hydration and remains as nonchemically bound water in the concrete. Time and suitable drying conditions are required to reduce the amount of free-water in a concrete slab to a level acceptable for a flooring installation.

The second major source of moisture in a slab-on-ground is that which originates below the slab. When an effective vapor barrier/retarder material has not been properly installed directly beneath the concrete, moisture vapour from below the slab will migrate upward to, and into the concrete which will cause blistering and bond failure if not treated before installing the new floor.

Floorcrete uses different methods of testing to measure the moisture vapour transmission rate and the moisture content. There are at least five systems to mitigate a high moisture or pH condition.

  • Reactive Penetrants
  • Cementitious Densification
  • Sealers
  • Specialty Coatings
  • Dispersement Membranes
  • Combination Systems

How to know what system to use depends on the condition of the floor, amount of moisture, what top coat is being applied, and budget.

Fast turn-around

Some of our quick cure floors are ready for foot traffic in as little as one hour. With our wide variety of durable and fast curing polymer floors you can avoid scheduled costly downtimes. 

 Thermal Shock Resistance

Flooring materials are subjected to expand and contract with change in temperature. The top coat has to have an expansion rate similar to the substrate underneath to avoid delamination, cracks, bubbles and other deterioration. Floorcrete offers a wide variety of thermal shock resistance coating and overlayment to withstand harsh temperature cycling. 


Floorcrete also offers antimicrobial flooring systems that have silver ions. Silver is a natural element known for its ability to kill gram negative and gram positive bacteria and viruses. This technology remains active for the lifetime of the floor even when damaged or worn.

Extreme Chemical Resistance

Chemicals can damage a porous floor that is not protected with chemical resistance coating. Our full line of chemical resistant coating can protect your concrete preventing damage from exposure to corrosive compounds. These special coatings are typically used in commercial kitchens, laboratories, food production facilities and manufacturing plants and other environments.

Static control Flooring System

A facility that handles volatile gases, powder, liquids and active electronic equipment/ components may be highly susceptible to electro-static discharge (ESD) related disasters. Typical epoxy floorings for commercial and industrial floors can create an environment where regular ESD activity becomes high risk, but Floorcrete special composition static control flooring provides dissipation of electro-static charges.

Cold Temperature Installation

Floorcrete also offers special coatings that can be installed in temperature as low as -30 degrees for cold storage and production areas.