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Self-leveling Concrete Floor repairs

Self- leveling concrete is the solitary component, which is highly engineered and strongly pumped screed which is effectively used for the rapid turnaround concrete floor repairs and leveling. The self-leveling concrete and self-leveling cement that we use is specifically formulated to quickly receive resinous finishes (such as epoxy flooring systems) and can withstand heavy traffic in industrial environments.

We also use these systems to fill in any depressions in the floor before installing any overlayment to achieve a flat and leveled surface.

Floorcrete also has had many successful installations of specified FF50 floors for many institutions like hospitals and research centres where having super flat floors are critical in everyday operations. We achieve super flat floors by utilizing advanced equipment such as laser screeds and floor flatness laser scanning.

We are the first company in Canada to develop a specialized method of installing self-leveling concrete to achieve super-flat and perfectly leveled floors for any application. Contact our office to book a free onsite demonstration.

Benefits of Self Leveling Cement

  • Flowing formulation for ease of installation
  • Fast turnaround
  • Pumpable with specific screed pumps
  • Exceptional shrinkage control for outstanding crack resistance
  • Protein free for use in sensitive environments
  • Extended self healing time for easy for placement
  • Rapid installation up to 20,000 square feet per day
  • Tough heavy duty finish