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About Concrete Resurfacing

Troweled epoxy mortar systems consist of graded aggregates blended with 100% solid epoxy that can be applied at thickness ranging from 1/8 inch to ¼ inch depending on application requirements.

The chemical and physical properties of epoxy mortars allow these systems to withstand wide range of chemicals, acids, alkalis, fatty greases, salts, and solvents.  They have a much higher level of impact and abrasion resistance compare to concrete and epoxy coatings. The surface is also hygienic and prevents the growth of fungus or bacteria in environments where sanitation and cleanliness are of the most importance.

Epoxy mortar systems are troweled onto the floor after it is prepared by shot-blasting method and primed with a bonding agent for better adhesion. Cracks and joints are treated with flexible membrane and engineering fabrics to avoid cracks on the surface due to substrate movement.

Some of these systems use natural silver ion based technology to offer the best hygiene performance by killing bacteria on contact.

Thermal shock resistant properties of epoxy/urethane mortars allow for expansion and contraction due to harsh hot and cold wash-downs making them ideal for commercial kitchens. Epoxy mortar systems are also acid-resistant and can be used in environments that are regularly exposed to acids and caustic chemicals. The existences of these physical characteristics show that epoxy and urethane mortars are highly customizable products that can be used in a wide range of applications. 

System 1

Concrete Resurfacing Products like Troweled Epoxy mortar system provides superior abrasion and impact resistance.

System 2

 Polyurethane mortar system and self- leveling which is an abrasion and impact resistant designed for the dry food environment.

System 3

Troweled Polyurethane Mortar is designed for the quick installation in the food environment where thermal shock/Thermal cycling is present and texture is not required.

System 4

Troweled Polyurethane textured Mortar is designed to withstand the thermal cycling/thermal shock condition for the effective use of the food environment.


High abrasion and impact resistance

Chemical and stain resistance

Temperature cycling resistance

Compressive strength of 10,000 psi (3 times higher than most concrete floors)


Static dissipative properties

Recycled glass for LEED certified or environmentally friendly solutions

Available in a wide variety of colors that can be customized into a decorative system.

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