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Decorative Broadcasts

Decorative broadcast are seamless epoxy floor systems that consist of colour quartz or vinyl flakes and 100% solid epoxy binder. These systems are ideal choice for decorative purposes in light and medium duty traffic areas such as aisleways, locker rooms, bathrooms, schools, cafeterias, clean rooms, and laboratories.

They are safe, easy to clean, with aesthetic appeal and design flexibility. Final surface appearance include: gloss, satin, or matte surface sheen with medium to heavy surface texture. 


  • Virtually endless variety of decorative quartz color combinations
  • Various levels of slip resistance and surface texture
  • Versatile finish options: gloss, satin
  • Excellent durability and long term performance
  • Easy to maintain, seamless, hygienic surface
  • Chemical and stain resistance
  • Water proofing options
  • 100% solid formulation


  • Pharmaceutical processing areas
  • Cafeterias
  • Laboratories/ Clean rooms
  • Restrooms/ Locker rooms
  • Shower rooms
  • Product display areas
  • Hospitals and institutions