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Surface Preparation

Floorcrete surface preparation is done by following NACE and world’s top manufacturers of adhesive, sealants, and epoxy coatings standards.

As a critical part of a successful epoxy/polyurethane flooring installation, our team use their years of experience and training to choose the right type of surface preparation required for installation of your new floor.

 The factors that are considered before choosing the right type of surface preparation are:

 Surface type: mostly concrete, or aluminum, galvanized and ferrous metal or steel.

Facility environment: traffic and cleaning schedule, moisture and temperature.

Flooring system or coating selection: compliance with manufacturer’s specification

Contamination: before applying new floor system, all surfaces must be clean, free of rust,

dirt, oil, sealers, loose paint, and chemicals.

 epoxy flooring


 Floorcrete uses variety of preparation techniques and Equipment:

 Cutting: specialized saws are used for cutting and creating new joints in the floor. They are also used for cleaning and routing out cracks and joints.

 Shotblasting: a cost-effective , labour, and time saving method for preparing concrete and steel surfaces. Shotblasting strips, cleans, and profiles leaving the concrete floor ready for installing polymer floors.Different metal shot sizes, shot flow rate, and travel speed result in different surface profiles.

Grinding and Polishing: polishers, planetary grinders and diamond grinders are used to remove adhesives, elastomeric coatings, waterproofing membranes, surface imperfections, coatings, mastics, epoxies and paint. Floorcrete team use grinders to smooth or flatten concrete slabs for decorative application. Grinding machines are also use to polish concrete to a high shine, restore old slabs for staining or densifying.

 Scarifying: these equipments use steel or carbide tipped cutters to break the existing coating, remove oil contamination, traffic lines or paint.

 Scraping and stripping: remove tiles, grouts, mastic, floor coverings and mortars.


Floorcrete has mutually beneficial partnerships with top equipment suppliers to ensure the best surface preparation.


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  • Diaomatic
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